Has Garanti Mfg. 5KG Roaster

Has Garanti Mfg. 5KG Roaster

Ravenna, OH

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HAS GARANTI 5KG Roaster is an excellent choice for retail shops and R&D roasting operations. with the 5KG capacity a shop can roast coffee, cocoa, and malt roasting homogeneously one operation with direct fired roaster. Batch capacity is approximately 5kg. , 15 minute roast duration, Hourly output is approximately 20kg/hr. Roast Type is direct fire Natural Gas burner. Cooling Duration 2-3min. Unit dimensions are 55" X 67" X 82" , Exhaust 4" And Cooling Vent 5" . Electrical requirements are 220 volt Single Phase .


ManufacturerHas Garanti Mfg.
Model5KG Roaster
Stock Number24632