2024 Regal Equipment Inc. Green Pickle Unloading & Wash Line

New Equipment Build

Location:Ravenna, OH

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The new line includes a tote dumper Configured for bins up to 45" wide by 48" long up to 52 5/8" high. Bin/tote holder measuring 53-1/2 wide by 48" long by 42" deep. Manually adjustable hold-down bar settable from 28.5" to 53-1/2" bin height clearance. Heavy duty tubular stainless frame construction, with dump action provided by hydraulic cylinders powered by a self-contained hydraulic power pack with reservoir and manual controls. Set for 460-volt 3 phase electrical input (unless otherwise specified). System rated to 3,500 lbs. weight capacity. Comes set for FLOOR LEVEL INFEED BY FORKLIFT.


Wash tank will have a live agitated bottom to allow constant movement of the product and remove pickles that sink to the bottom.  Tank is equipped with Hold down Reel, wash bars, recirculation pump, screen for solids, and blower to promote agitation of the water and product in the washer.  Washer is constructed of 304 Stainless, fully welded and glass bead finished.  The washer will be approximately 42.25” wide and approximately 184” long.  Wash tank dose not included automated dosing system for chemical dosing, can be added at customer request.  Set for 480 Volt 3 Phase Electric. All Control Panels to be Mounted On Equipment. Infeed height to OV slicer wash tank will feed is 75".


ManufacturerRegal Equipment Inc.
ModelGreen Pickle Unloading & Wash Line
Serial Number2024-001
Stock Number24608