RIETZ BEPEX RE-12 Extructor

RIETZ BEPEX RE-12 Extructor

Ravenna, OH

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The Extructor is primarily designed for crushing or grinding large frozen blocks or barrels of bulk materials down to 3/16 = 1" pieces. This operation is an essential process step preceding cooking operations for fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses. Although the consistency of these materials are very different the end result is the same. With frozen blocks the slow speed high torque rotor crushes or fractures material in the close clearance areas and with pliable products like cheese it is more of a tearing action.

Capacity is Up To 5,000 LBS.

Weight of unit 2,200 LBS

Max Inlet 14.5" X 22"


ManufacturerRIETZ BEPEX
ModelRE-12 Extructor
Serial NumberRE-90000867
Stock Number23256