2007 IQF Frost AB OctO-Frost 7/2 RH


2007 IQF Frost AB OctO-Frost 7/2 RH

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Tunnel blast freezer unit (4,650 Kg/Hr) incorporating mono-block (hermetic) housing unit (8090 mm long x 3000 mm wide x 2900mm high); ANSCO product infeed bedplate system (2200 mm long x 800 mm wide); blast freezing and plenum zones comprising 7 x 12-bladed blast fans (2 x primary 22 kW and 5 x secondary 11 kW); removable bedplate system; coil fin (NH3 evaporator); snow removal system (SRS); clean in place (CIP) foam generator system; SIEMENS blast freezer operator’s control panel (touch screen); and work platform (7600 mm long x 700 mm wide), including associated safety devices, drive assemblies, NH3 components, pipework, interfaced electrical controls and distribution systems, main and sub-frame assemblies, fittings and connections.

The IQF technology, developed by Octofrost, has a number of unique features that bring real value to vegetable processors all around the world:

  • Adjustable airflow for quick crust-freezing in the first freezing zone which translates into no lump formation, good product separation and energy efficiency.
  • Exchangeable OctoFrost bedplates for gentle handling of soft products and quick and easy cleaning between different batches.
  • Overall easy-to-clean design for optimal food safety.

Last running clams @ 3,600lb./hr. . Factory rated for 5,000-7,500lb. of diced potatoes 3/8" per. hour.


ManufacturerIQF Frost AB
ModelOctO-Frost 7/2 RH
Stock Number22656