BIRO Services 7552 K08 Grinder


BIRO Services 7552 K08 Grinder

Ravenna, OH


Biro HHP (Heavy Horse Power) Meat Grinders. This is a manual feed meat grinder bowl size 52, with a 7.5 Hp. motor. Currently equipped with 52 Bowl, screw, and knife. Plates included 50-0-1/2 12.5mm PM, 52-0-3/8 8.8mm PM, 400 3/16, 400 3/16, and 52-0-3/32 2.5mm PM. Stainless Steel infeed pan with high back approximate pan capacity is 100 lbs. approximate capacity of 75 lbs. with 1st grind using a 3/8" plate. Electrical Requirements 208-230/440 Volt, 50/60 Hz., 21.8-20.6 /10.3 Amps.


ManufacturerBIRO Services
Model7552 K08 Grinder
Serial Number30613
Stock Number23056