Odenberg / TOMRA Orbit 450 Steam Peeler Machine


Odenberg / TOMRA Orbit 450 Steam Peeler Machine

Ravenna, OH


Infeed Conveyor Stainless Steel Construction 18"W X 164"L X 160" Discharge height Black solid rubber belt with 3" flights Has a hopper for tote dumper loading Steam Peeler TOMRA Orbit 450 450 Liter Cast Iron Vessel Vessel 350 PSI AT 437F MAX ALLOW. 0F AT 350PSI Vessel is mild steel Discharge Auger Stainless steel auger incline conveyor 16" Auger X 11'L X 86" Discharge height Accumulator 350PSI AT 650F max allow. working pressure -20F AT 350PSI min. design metal temp Exhaust Tank Odenberg Type ET Part number M2962040 PS 0,5 bar TS Max 140C TS min -C Pt 1 bar V 3000 L Group of fluid 2 Date of test 1/2013 Accumulator NB# 1045 350 PSI @ 650 F Max working pressure S/N 13047 Dry Peel Eliminator Serial # 016P Wet or dry product Depending on brush selection you can gently remove loose peel or aggressively remove minor defects Stainless steel construction Odenberg Spray Washer SN# 010P Model Number 13 Stainless Steel Construction


ManufacturerCustom Designed & Manufactured
Stock Number18526-M
Model numberBrusher