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Food processing hoppers are holding containers utilized for dispensing food products. Featuring a chute that restricts product flow, these containment vessels assist in better management of foods being processed and are also used for short storage or collection in several processing operations.

Some types include rectangular hoppers, conical hoppers, dry ingredient hoppers as well as customized specialty hoppers. Food processing hoppers are used in various facilities for meats, seafood, poultry, fruits and vegetables, snack foods, beverages, and other applications.

Regal Equipment offers used and reconditioned food processing hoppers from trusted manufacturers. To learn more about a specific food processing hopper, click on the product name below. 

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Custom Designed and Fabricated Drop Hopper

Item No: 15880-MSC

  • 43" x 43" x 48" Deep
  • Stainless Steel Construction
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