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Used Food Processing Hopper

Food processing hoppers are holding containers utilized for dispensing food products. Featuring a chute that restricts product flow, these containment vessels assist in better management of foods being processed. They are also used for temporary storage or collection in several processing operations. All hoppers are constructed with food-grade stainless steel to ensure safety and cleanliness throughout your food processing facility.

Some types include rectangular hoppers, conical hoppers, dry ingredient hoppers, and customized specialty hoppers.

Regal Equipment offers used and reconditioned food processing hoppers from trusted manufacturers. To learn more about a specific food processing hopper, click on the product name below.

Types of Commercial Canning Equipment

All hoppers are made with food-grade stainless steel. 

Rectangular Hoppers feature a rectangular top that narrows into a smaller rectangle bottom. Hopper capacity and the number of outlets can vary.

Conical Hoppers are shaped like cones or funnels to feed products into other equipment. The hopper's gradient can vary, but all are designed to provide an efficient flow.

Dry Ingredient Hoppers usually consist of a cone-shaped design. For control, these hoppers can work with vacuum systems to pull ingredients out of the hopper and into another machine.

Customized Specialty Hoppers are often constructed for applications where standard hoppers don't work. From time to time, we carry hoppers that were custom designed.

Hopper Applications

All Hopper - 4 Items

Key V-Shape Hopper with Metering Valve

Item No: 20367-RB

 Hopper 5'W X 5'L X 3'Deep, Metering Pockets 12"L X 3.5"Deep

Custom Designed and Fabricated Hopper Auger Conveyor

Item No: 18694-M

  • Stainless steel construction

  • 8" Screw

Waukesha SPX Positive Displacement Pump

Item No: 18577-M

  • Hopper with screw feed

  • Hopper 32"L X 30"W X 22"Deep

  • Duel feed 10" screws

  • Waukasha PD Pump  Model # 134UI 03/15/13 Open Throat In 3" Outlet Stainless Steel Contact 

Custom Designed and Fabricated Drop Hopper

Item No: 15880-MSC

  • 43" x 43" x 48" Deep
  • Stainless Steel Construction
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