Food handling conveyors transport, elevate, or lower products from one point to another. These systems assist in the processing, packaging, and general handling of food products and may come in variations such as belt, incline, vibratory, or sorting conveyors. Other conveyor options available in the market include collection conveyors, distribution conveyors, feed conveyors, grading, sizing, and separation conveyors all built to improve food product processing and handling.

These food processing conveyors offer maximized throughput, optimal energy efficiencies, and minimized product wastes for meat, fresh-cut fruit and vegetable, snack food, beverage bottlingcanning, processing and packaging facilities.

Regal Equipment showcases used and reconditioned food processing conveyors from various manufacturers including HughesAmerican Food Equipment Company (AMFEC)Hytrol, and Key Technology. To learn more about a specific food processing conveyor, click on the product name below. 

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