Regal Equipment continues to present a comprehensive selection of used and refurbished food processing cutters including the high-performance Regal Pickle Spear Cutter. Reconditioned to offer optimal cutting and slicing for batches of food products, the Regal Pickle Spear Cutter is recommended for use in food processing facilities for fruit and vegetable applications.

The Regal Pickle Spear Cutter provides boosted food processing with its stainless steel construction reliably powered by a 1 HP/1750 RPM/230-460 V motor. Equipped with resilient components, the spear cutter automatically slices pickles lengthwise and efficiently halves pickles with its high-speed rubber self-centering rollers.

This heavy-duty cutting assembly is innovatively refurbished to deliver accurate and superior quality pickle slicing. The Regal Pickle Spear Cutter is easy to operate and maintain that guarantees improved product output of food processing plants.

When it comes to bringing in line of robust used food processing equipment that meet demands of food processing facilities, trust only in Regal Equipment. We showcase a vast collection of food processing cutters best for meat, poultry, vegetable, fruit, and fresh-cut applications. Check out our available used food processing cutters by visiting today!