Regal Equipment is a leading manufacturer of refurbished industrial machineries for the food processing and packaging industries for over 25 years.We offer an array of used and refurbished equipment including destoning washers for product preparation and cleaning applications inmeat, fruit, and vegetableprocessing facilities.

In addition to its comprehensive equipment line, Regal Equipment now offers the robust G.J. Olney Destoner Washer designed to eliminate various sinking trash from a range of food products. The 24” x 72” ripple pan destoner machine is used to remove stones, dirt, clods, nuts, bolts and other debris from food products such as dry and rehydrated beans, almonds, carrots, mushrooms and relish stock. Built with innovative stone traps and equipped with a 2 HP return pump and a ½ HP drive on the discharge conveyor, the G.J. Olney can reliably process heavy trash as well as effectively dewater and clean food products.