Regal Equipment continues to be a trusted supplier of robust used “as-is” and refurbished food processing and packaging equipment for various companies across North America. Adding to its selection of reliable used food processing peelers, Regal Equipment presents the efficient Vanmark Abrasive Peeler/Washer/Scrubber Model #2900.

The latest addition to our comprehensive inventory of food peeling machines, the Vanmark Abrasive Peeler 2900 comes with a washer and a scrubber to ensure removal of harmful substances found on food product skins. The unit features rotary chambers with driven rollers, internal augers, and integrated water sprays, offering positive tumbling, retention control, and continuous product rinsing. Purchased new in 2001, used in production for approximately 200 hours on potato peeling application, and built to be an all-electric drive with 20 abrasive rollers, the Vanmark Abrasive Peeler 2900 provides high performance scrubbing, peeling, and washing recommended for fruit and vegetable food processing facilities.