For over 35 years, Regal Equipment has shown full commitment to providing dependable, heavy-duty used food processing and packaging equipment for multiple facilities across North America. Adding to our line-up of premium quality refurbished food processing palletizers, We present the low level in-feed Columbia Palletizer FL100-RS-RD-9512 designed for effective loading and unloading of various food product packages.

Showcasing a robust construction, this 80” in height Columbia palletizer offers a 48” x 48” or 40” x 48” pallet configuration and is equipped with easy-to-operate Allen Bradley controls. Depending on configuration set-up, the palletizer allows efficient assembly, stacking and de-stacking of 20 or more cases per minute. Ensure production line productivity with this economical, trouble-free floor level Columbia Palletizer innovatively designed to meet your special material handling requirements.