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2019-11-19 15:00:00
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Date & Time

Starts: November 19, 2019 10:00 EST

Ends: November 21, 2019 17:00 EST

Auction Location

Live and Online Auction Located at Riverbend Foods 1080 River Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Equipment Inspection

Inspection: Nov 18, 2019 

(8am EST - 5pm EST)

If you would like to make an inspection prior to the sale please call 330-325-9000 or email [email protected]


Ben Regal


Complete Modern High Speed Canning, Glass Packaging, Retortable Container Thermal Processing, and Packaging Facility.

  • High Speed Canned Soup Line Available Includes multiple Elmar fillers, Angelus Seamer, 5-Shell JBT Sterlamatic Cooking System Set: 300, 303,307 Can Dia. 

  • KHS Innopack KisterHigh Speed Tray Pack Line Model TSP- A-H New 2016 Installed 2017.  Alvey Palletizers Models 920 & 921.  

  • FANUC Robotic Palletizer Cells with Case Handling Conveyors.

  • (4) Blendtec Vacuum Thermal Blenders 

  • High Speed Condensed Soup Line includes 2 Elmar 54 Station Fillers and a Angelus 121-L Seamer NEW 2016

  • ALLPAX Retort Sterilization System, includes 5 Dual Mode Gentle Motion Stainless Steel Retorts, Material Handling System for loading and unloading retort trays, Retort Automation and Software Package

  • Glass Handling and High Speed filling line includes I&H Glass depalitizer with accumulation and conveyance,  Arrowhead Glass handling conveyance with integrated HEUFT Glass inspection System, Silgan Steam Capper with Nitrogen injection.  New 2016 equipped with Pneumatic Cap delivery system.  JBT Hydrostatic Six Pass with inner and outer product carrier chains. 

  • KEY Technologies IQF Vegetable Material Handling System, includes multiple Key Tote Dumpers to metering valves and Iso-Flo product inspection shakers.  Rayco Positive conveyance system for IQF vegetables.

The Riverbend Foods River Avenue production facility closed on July 31. The facility was used primarily to make soups and baby food products for grocery stores. Riverbend Foods was created in May 2017 when it was purchased from Treehouse Foods by Insight Equity when it acquired the business. Prior to Treehouse FoodsDel Monte Foods occupied the facility.

Equipment Highlights

Elmar 28-Valve Piston Filler RP628

    • Stainless steel construction
    • Set for 250 ml rectangle shape container
    • Fill range: 8.5 fl oz min. 20 fl oz max.


Elmar 35 Piston Filler RP-35

    • 1-3/4" diameter piston with approximate 9" stroke
    • Set on 211 diameter cans
    • Timing screw infeed and infeed star
    • Pneumatically operated no-call no-fill
    • Waukesha straight sided valves with 5/8" X 1" ports
    • Stainless steel base


Stock Rotomat Lab Retort Model 900

  • MFG: 1990

  • NB: 629

Allpax Pilot Style Retort

Model # 2402

Serial # J6902

Gentle Motion Agitation, Spray Capable,  1/4" Shell, 5/16" F and D Heads, 90 PSI, MFG: 2010

Angelus 121-L Can Seamer

  • MFG: 2016

  • Straight Line Infeed

  • Stainless Steel Safety Enclosure

  • Vibratory Lid Infeed

  • Auto Luber

  • Rotary Topper Set : 211 X 400

Elmar 28 Station Piston Filler

MFG: 2003, Set 307 X 400, Pistons 10"L X 3" Dia., 1" Port, No agitation, Includes Cart of Parts

Elmar 28 Station Pocket Filler

MFG: 2004

Waukesha SPX 130 Pump

7.5 HP Motor, 3" In and Out

Partial Catalog

  • Elmer Piston Fillers

    • For customers who offer liquid products and need to fill liquids in rigid containers, use Elmar Rotary Piston Filling Systems.

  • JBTC Rotary Pressure Sterilizer

    • The JBTC Rotary Pressure Sterilizer (RPS) utilizes fast axial rotation (FAR) to efficiently agitate the container. This results in short-time, high-temperature cooking and efficient cooling in a continuous operation.

  • Allpax Multimode R&D Retort 2402 Series

    • The Allpax 2402s are the most versatile R&D machines in the industry and includes an automatic space saving orbiting door, a 304 stainless steel construction, an easy quick-connect to utilities, and the plug and play ability for process and agitation future additions.

  • JBTC Pilot Rotary Laboratory Retorts

    • Pilot Rotary Sterilizers enable processors to accurately design thermal processes and conduct trials in a pilot plant environment.

  • Angelus 121L Seamer

    • Rated Speed up to 1500CPM with 12 Seaming Stations and Stainless Steel Castings and Components below-the-feed-line.

  • Lantech S Automatic High Speed Stretch Wrapper

    • Less Waste, Safer Loads

  • KHS Innopack Kisters TSP Basic Tray Shrink Packer

    • This fully automatic packing machine enables flexible production of trays, film-wrapped trays, film-wrapped pads, and film-wrapped packs.

  • Krones Modular Labeller

    • For round containers or specially-shaped bottles of glass or PET, the Krones modular labellers are suitable for handling cold-glue, hotmelt and self-adhesive labels alike.

  • Markem Imaje Small Character Inkjet

    • The 9040 model stands as the top of the line of the Series printing all types of codes including logos, Datamatrix, etc. Its wide range of inks meets every industries’ requirements.

  • Peco Inspx Shield Solo

    • Advanced Side-View X-Ray designed to inspect rigid containers (metal cans. composite cans, plastic containers).

  • Bear Label Machine XS-1250 CAN LABELING MACHINE

    • The Bear XS-1250 can labeling machine outperforms the competition with the ability to label more than 1,250 cans per-minute, on-the-fly continuous label loading, ultra-efficient gluing system, and zero downtime mechanisms.