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Tamajiro Seven Chefs Onion Peeler 18GB

Model #: 18GB
Item No: 15139-PLR


    • SOLD


    • Includes 1 year manufacturer warranty


    • This is a used machine which has less than 20 hours on it and is in like new condition


    • Maximum production rate of 1,200 onions per hour with a yield of 80%, varied by onion shape, size and type


    • Compressed air 7.5 kw


    • Power supply: Choice of single phase 100V


    • Air compressor size needed: 10hp, 116 psi, about 44 cfm


    • Machine dimensions:3.3' x3.0' x 4.2'


    • Plated for onion sizes 2" through 6" onions


    • Safety switches on all machine access doors stopping machine


    • UL approved electronics used


    • Spare parts included: Spare knives for each station, 4 slit knives/ per station, Air gun, 3 top cutting knives per station, electrical spare parts, 2 bottom slicing knives/ per station, 3 onion mount plates (S,M, L) per station


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