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Used Nichimo International, Inc. Food Processing Equipment

Nichimo produces processing machinery and production equipment that are necessary in food manufacturing. In addition, as part of our general supervision business, Nichimo also designs machinery and equipment to be used in production lines in newly established processing facilities.

Cooperating with domestic and foreign manufacturers of advanced technology—including 2 major subsidiary companies, Nichimo designs production systems that are tailored to our customers needs. Nichimo provides machinery to be used in the production and processing of food, which includes raw materials handling and packaging. They also make possible the construction of production lines that are efficient and labor-saving.


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Tamajiro Seven Chefs Onion Peeler 18GB

Model #: 18GB
Item No: 15139-PLR


    • SOLD


    • Includes 1 year manufacturer warranty


    • This is a used machine which has less than 20 hours on it and is in like new condition


    • Maximum production rate of 1,200 onions per hour with a yield of 80%, varied by onion shape, size and type


    • Compressed air 7.5 kw


    • Power supply: Choice of single phase 100V


    • Air compressor size needed: 10hp, 116 psi, about 44 cfm


    • Machine dimensions:3.3' x3.0' x 4.2'


    • Plated for onion sizes 2" through 6" onions


    • Safety switches on all machine access doors stopping machine


    • UL approved electronics used


    • Spare parts included: Spare knives for each station, 4 slit knives/ per station, Air gun, 3 top cutting knives per station, electrical spare parts, 2 bottom slicing knives/ per station, 3 onion mount plates (S,M, L) per station


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