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Used Food Processing Miscellaneous

Regal Equipment carries a variety of used and reconditioned food processing equipment ranging from screw elevators, speed-up belts, de-leafing systems to industrial blowers, electric smokehouses, crown punchers, slicing wheels, and more.

Choose from our miscellaneous equipment below to help meet the demanding requirements of your processing facilities for meats, poultry, seafood, fruits and/or vegetables, bakery goods, and other applications.

To learn more about a specific industrial equipment, click on the product name below. 

All Miscellaneous - 81 Items

Hygina Sure Trend Luminometer

Model #: SustemSure Plus V.2
Item No: 22680-MSC

Lecrow Vegetable Drier

Item No: 22677-MSC

5 Stainless steel spinner baskets 21"D X 24" Diam. with 1/4" holes

230-460 Volt, 3PH 

4 Brute Liners

TRAULSEN 2-Door Commercial Freezer

Model #: RIF234HUTBF-FHS
Item No: 22632-MSC

Stainless Steel 2- Door Commercial Freezer 


Refrigeration Type: 404A

Electrical Requirements: 208-230 Volt. 3 Phase, 60 Hz.

Size: Overall 78" Wide X 40" Deep X 89" Tall Door Opening 27" Wide x 31" Deep X 67.5" Tall

Victory Refrigeration 2-Door Blast Freezer

Model #: BFIS-2D-S7
Item No: 22629-MSC

Model # BFIS-2D-S7

Size: Overall Dimensions 80" Wide X 42" Deep X 89"

Door Opening: 26.5" Wide X 30" Deep X 65.5" Tall

Remigration Type: 404A

Electrical Requirements: 

    Power Supply: 115/208-230 Volt 60 Hz 4 Wire

    2 compressors 208 Volt 3 Phase 60 Hz. 

Victory Refrigeration 2-Door Blast Freezer

Model #: BFIS-2D-S7
Item No: 22626

Model # BFIS-2D-S7

Size: Overall Dimensions 80" Wide X 42" Deep X 89"

Door Opening: 26.5" Wide X 30" Deep X 65.5" Tall

Remigration Type: 404A

Electrical Requirements: 

    Power Supply: 115/208-230 Volt 60 Hz 4 Wire

    2 compressors 208 Volt 3 Phase 60 Hz. 

Chester-Jensen 8-Plate Falling Film Plate Chiller

Model #: B-8-OT-5-32
Item No: 22575-MSC

8 plate Falling Film Chiller With Holding Tank 

Last Used With Ammonia Refrigeration 

Model # B-8-OT-5-32

Year of Mfg: 2003

SureKap Inline 6 Chuck Capper

Model #: SKC4510
Item No: 22569-CAP

JBT Stein Ultra V Batter Applicator

Model #: V Batter Applicator 24" Wide
Item No: 22272-MSC

Wire mesh belt.

Configured for Overflow as well as submerged batter application 

Suitable for batter as well as light tempura coatings 

Includes conveyor extension, and electric drive options

PSI Pizza Systems Inc. Pizza Press

Model #: PSI75
Item No: 22263-MSC

11 7/8" Round Pizza Die.Part # 93J907

220 Volt 1Ph 30 Amp

Semi Automatic Controls 


Model #: Robot HP 15 C
Item No: 22230-MSC

VEMAG 400 LB. Carts

Item No: 22188-CK

Capacity: 440lbs.

Overall Height: 27.5"

Overall Width: 26.5"

Weight: 93lbs.

Construction: 14 GA Stainless Steel with polished exterior and interior

Rolled Reinforced Lip

Reinforced Bucket Bottom

Heavy Duty Casters

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Caster Brackets

USDA Accepted

Drain Hole with Plug

Pinnacle Solvent-Recovery Skid

Model #: SRS100
Item No: 22111-MSC

- Closed Loop System Designed for Safety

- 100L/hr Solvent Recovery Rate

- Rising Film Technology for Minimal Cannabinoid Degradation

- Touch Screen Operation

-  Equipment built to Food Sanitary Standards

- UL Hazardous Location Controls

- Third Party Engineer Peer Reviewed

- GMP Compliant

System Output:

Feed Rate (up to)100L/1/hrMax Temp Crude Oil25-45c
Feed Compositions: Alcohol96.5%Steam Pressure12-24psi
Feed Compositions: Oil3.5%Cooling Water Temp7c
Alcohol Recovery Rate100-135LPHDistillate Composition: Alcohol>99.9%
APV Gaulin Homogenizer 15MR-8TA

Model #: 15MR-8TA
Item No: 22018-MSC

- 2 Stage manual valve assembly

- 8,000 PSI ball valve cylinder with max pressure of 10,000 PSI

- 15 GPH

- 1 Gallon supply hopper

- 3 HP motor

- 208 - 230/460 Volt

- On stainless steel frame casters

Key Dewatering Shaker

Item No: 21997-SHK

- All stainless steel construction

- 48" wide x 20' long screening deck

- Flat rod screen in perpendicular orientation to the product flow

- 1/8" rod sieves

- Removable screen design with quick release clamps

- Full length bottom collection pan with 8" drain

- Presently equipped with an extensive overhead spray bar system which

  delivered approximately 900 GPM. (Pump not included)

- Iso-Flo Eccentric and 3 Phase drive motor

- Unit is supplied with spring mounts, but LESS Support legs  

Paoli Deboner

Model #: 22
Item No: 21991-MSC

The Paoli Model 22 deboner & desinewer has a simple one-step design and proven reliability. Products (Red meat, poultry, and fish) are fed either automatically or manually into the hopper Input per hour is 250-600Lbs depending on product) and then Paoli does the work The unit contains no parts which require sharpening.Poultry: Necks, wings, backs, and carcasses yield up to 80%Red Meat: Beef, port necks, navels, and briskets from 33% to 65%Fish & Shellfish:Whole fish up to 92%Fish frames up to 90%Lobster bodies up to 65%The unit has a 10HP motor; 230/460V, 3Ph, 1700rpm

Lyco Double Drum Screener

Item No: 21976-MSC

48"Diam. X 72"L

MFG: 2009

Stainless Steel

Includes Stainless steel dewatering discharge screw 6" X 25' with hopper

Walker 300 Gallon Liquefier

Model #: # 300
Item No: 21940-MSC

Model # 300

Tank Size 48” Long  X 48” Wide X 30” Deep

78” Infeed Height

Manway Cover

30 HP. Motor

575 Voltage

Lot (2) Matthews Marking Products Case Coder

Item No: 20743-RB

I-Mark V84 Ez Touch Ink Jet Case Coder  

Lot (2) Matthews Marking Products Case Coder

Item No: 20707-RB

I-Mark EZ Touch V84, Case Coder

Matthews Marking Products Case Coder

Item No: 20605-RB

I-Mark V84 Ez Touch Ink Jet Case Coder

Matthews Marking Products Case Coder

Item No: 20584-RB

I-Mark V84 Ez Touch Ink Jet Case Coder

Magnetic Cap Remover For Duds

Item No: 19534-RB

2'L X 3.5"W, Stainless Steel Construction  

White Cap Steam Capper

Model #: VE
Item No: 19456-RB

Baby Food Caps  

Brookfield Viscometer DV-1

Model #: DV2-21Y
Item No: 19288-RB

With Time Measuring Function, MFG: 2010  

HunterLab LabScan XE

Model #: XE
Item No: 19285-RB

Robot Coupe

Model #: R 502 Series E
Item No: 19276-RB

5 1/2 QT, 110 Volt  

Labomed CXr 2 Microscope

Item No: 19267-RB

110 Volt, Lamp 12V, 20 Watt  

Stainless Steel Exhaust Hood

Item No: 19231-RB

10'L X 48"Deep X 14"H

American Hood Exhaust Hood

Item No: 19219-RB

Stainless Steel, 10'L X 48"Deep X 43"T  

Newcastle Viscosity Meter

Item No: 19216-RB

Includes Stand and Light  

Scissor Lift Table

Item No: 19153-RB

4'W X 5.5'L, Electrically Operated  

Solbern High Speed Briner

Model #: LSB
Item No: 19120-RB

  • Set: 404 x 700

  • Stainless Steel Construction 

  • 9'L  

Fox Liter Dosing Briner

Item No: 19093-RB

  •  Dosing cups for small ingredient fills into tin cans 

  • Stainless steel construction

Solbern High Speed Briner

Model #: LSB
Item No: 19090-RB

  • Overflow filler

  • Recirculation pump

  • Stainless steel construction 

Care Controls Label Inspection System

Item No: 19078-RB

Optical Label Inspection System 

Equipped with Rejection 

JBT/FMC 211 X 400 Transfer Valve

Item No: 19000-RB

Valve Newly Rebuilt from Marchant Schmidt, Never Used Still On Pallet  

JBT/FMC 211 X 400 Transfer Valve

Item No: 18973-RBX

Newly Rebuilt from Marchant Schmidt, Never Used, Still On Pallet  

JBT/FMC 211 X 400 Transfer Valve

Item No: 18973-RB

Newly Rebuilt from Marchant Schmidt, Never Used, Still On Pallet  

JBT/FMC 211 X 400 Infeed Valve

Item No: 18967-RB

Newly Rebuilt From Marchant Schmidt, Never Used Still On Pallet  

JBT/FMC 211 X 400 Transfer Valve

Item No: 18964-RB

Newly Rebuilt From Marchant Schmidt, Never Used Still On Pallet  

JBT/FMC 211 X 400 Infeed Valve

Item No: 18961-RB

Newly Rebuilt from Marchant Schmidt, Never Used Still On Pallet  

Reynolds Vegetable Peeling Machine

Model #: SS430G
Item No: 18616-M

  • Capacity: 30LBS.

  • 3/4 HP 115 volt 60 Hz, 1 phase, 13 amps

  • Contract number: DLA-400-82-C-1549

  • abrasive in good condition

  • stainless steel construction

Skyjack Electric Man Lift

Model #: SJPI-25
Item No: 18556-M

  • Mach. Weight 1,474LBS

  • Capacity: 300LBS

  • Platform Height 25'

  • Voltage 12V DC

  • Lift Pressure 2,350PSI

  • MFG: 11/1999

Walker 300 Gallon Likwifier

Model #: 300-BDS
Item No: 18292-MSC

  • High-shear agitation to dissolve, emulsify, disperse  solids and semi-solid ingredients in liquids

  • 48" X 48" X 30"Deep single wall square body blender vessel

  • 2.5" bottom side outlet with Tri-Clamp connection

  • Bottom mounted hi-shear agitator

  • 19" X 20" top hinged manway cover

  • 78" infeed height, 31" discharge height CIP ball in mixing vessel

  • Impeller and drivetrain including bearings, bearing housing, belts, pulleys

  • 30 HP 3 phase belt drive motor

Custom Designed and Fabricated Inspection Conveyor 12'L X 24"W

Model #: 12'L X 24"W
Item No: 18277-VO


  • A single level conveyorized food process inspection table with a 12'L X 24"W conveyor belt running between 9 foot long UHMW plastic work surfaces.

  • Ideal as a trim line for fruit and vegetable inspection, trimming, coring, sorting, and rework

  • Sized for six workstations

  • Solid interlocking plastic chain type conveyor belt running between 1 3/8" high stainless steel sides.  

  • High density plastic work shelves, 9"W X 9'L  

  • Work surfaces and inspection belt at a 37 inch working height on adjustable height feet (adjustable for approximately 32" to 40").  

  • Gasketed PVC control box with on / off buttons and variable speed control  adjustable for up to 45 feet per minute.

  • All food grade stainless steel construction

Custom Designed & Manufactured 10' Wide Unloading Conveyor

Item No: 18256-MSC

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Overall dimensions 140"L X 140"W X  90"H

  • Spider style conveyor

  • Was previously used for unloading green beans from large bins

  • Blue poly belt

Hughes Fresh Market Corn Cob Cutting Line

Item No: 18226-MSC

  • Fresh curt cob line capacity estimated @ 2-3 tons per hour depending on feed rate and quality of product

  • Line consisting of the following equipment 

  • Hughes product conveyor 20' L x 18" W, stainless steel construction

  • Hughes cob feed shaker orienter to fresh market husker 10' L X 20" W

  • Hughes Husker Fresh Market 2 Lane

  • Hughes fresh market cob saw 

  • Includes platforms and controls 

Spin Dryer - Used

Item No: 18217-SPN

  • Stainless steel dryer includes basket

  • 32 gallon plastic perforated removable basket

A.K. Robins Pickle Spear Cutter

Model #: 82
Item No: 18151-MSC

  • Stainless steel frame

  • Roam rollers and fixed cutting head

  •  Adjustable legs

  • 208 - 230 / 460 Volts, 3.2 -3 / 1.5 Amps, 1 HP motor  

Commercial Air Cleaner

Item No: 18139-MSC

  • 60"W X 95"L X 57"H discharge feed shaker with removable screens

  • Screen slots are 1/8"W X 1 1/4"L

  • Ajax shaker with 2 HP motor

  • Stainless steel construction

Vanmark Hydrolift Destoner

Item No: 17974-MSC

  • 6'H X 24"Dia. stainless steel hydrolift destoner

  • 60"W bottom hopper

  • 480V, 3 Phase  

Cornell 10" Food Pump

Model #: 10NHPP-F12K
Item No: 17962-PMP

  • New condition 

  • Mild steel valute and impeller

  • No motor, pulley or guard

Cornell 10" Foods Pump

Item No: 17959-PMP

  • 50HP motor

  • Mild steel valute and impeller

Hughes Cob Saw

Model #: B193SURIH
Item No: 17926-MSC

  • Designed for cutting off the tips and tails or cutting various sized cobbettes

  • Can be used for processing husked or unhusked corn

  • Capable of cutting other products such as carrots, celery, peppers and zucchini

  • Heavy duty stainless steel frame

  • Unit is 16'L x 5'W

Magnuson 12 Roll Brush Washer

Model #: WSP2123-375007.0107
Item No: 17845-MSC

  • Magnuson 12 Roll Brush Peeler Washer

  • Model # WSP-2123

  • Hydraulic drive and power pack 

  • Stainless steel construction

Damrow Brothers Horizontal Screw Cooker

Model #: Single Screw
Item No: 17812-CK

  • Approx. 12" Dia. X 10' L long screw

  • Cooker features steam injection

  • Approx. 4" X 7" end discharge

  • Mounted on stainless steel stand

  • Hinged lid

  • 5 HP electric motor

  • Stainless steel

Formax F-26 Patty Former

Model #: F-26
Item No: 17539-MSC

  • Formax F-26 Patty Former

  • 1000 # Hopper-Automatic straight flow feeding

  • Safety guards w/ interlocks

  • Selector switch to raise mold cover for mold plate changes & clean up

  • Selector switch retracts plungers to clean up position

  • Hopper sides flip up for for clean up

  • No mold plates

Rotary Cabbage Coring Machine (NEW)

Item No: 17527-MSC

  • Rotary Cabbage Coring Machine (NEW)

  • 4-Station Continuous Cabbage Corer

  • Manufacturer rated for up to 28 heads per minute

  • Manual head placement on a revolving table

  • Stainless steel product contacts, support frame, & screen shrouds

  • Knives available to cut but leave the core (e.g. for sauerkraut), or to remove the core (e.g. for fresh-cut cole-slaw)

  • 1.5 HP 208/230/460 volt 3-phase motor

Ambient Air Cooler

Item No: 17506-BL

  • Ambient Air Cooling Tunnel

  • Belt dimensions: 8’W x 32’L

  • Belt type: Stainless Steel wire mesh

Cornell Food Pump w/ Commercial Vortex Tank

Model #: 6NHPP-F16K
Item No: 17371-PMP

  • Cornell 6NHPP-F16K Food Pump w/ Commercial Vortex Tank

  • Expanded volute cast mild steel pump housing

  • 6" flange inlet/discharge ports

  • Flexible connection between pump and tank

  • All stainless steel tubular support frame and vortex tank

  • Tank measures 42" L x 30" W x 20" Deep

  • Water inlet diffuser/diverter in tank

  • 5 HP 230/460V, 2 Phase belt drive motor w/ mechanical variable speed pulley

Key Technology In-feed Metering Valve

Item No: 17113-MSC

  • Key Technologies In-feed Metering Valve
  • (6) baffles - Approx. 18" W x 3-1/4" Deep
  • Approx. 11-1/2" Dia. Discharge

Jaygo Deaerator

Model #: JVD-48
Item No: 16984-MSC

  • Jaygo Deaerator
  • Model: JVD-48
  • Serial: 2654
  • 316 SS Contacts
  • 30 GPM
  • Year: 1998
  • Discharge Pump: Moyno FB2G-SSQ-SAA
  • Discharge motor: 5 HP, 1800 RPM
  • Vacuum Pump: Beach-Russ 1186-280C
  • Vacuum Motor: 15 HP, 1800 RPM
  • Overall Dimensions: 126" L x 82-3/4" W x 115"H (Closed) -- 162" H (Open)

Cornell 6" Food Pump w/ Key Stainless Steel Vortex

Model #: 6NHPP-F16K
Item No: 16981-PMP

  • Key Cornell 6" Food Pump w/ Key Stainless Steel Vortex
  • Model: 6NHPP-F16K
  • Serial: 155524 13.50
  • Vortex Dimensions: 43" L x 32" W x 21" Deep
  • 7.5 HP motor

Sander Hansen (Krones) Pasteurizer

Model #: PB-31.4.504.22
Item No: 16855-MSC

  • Sander Hansen (Krones) Pasteurizer 84' L x16.5' H
  • Model: PB-31.4.504.22
  • Stainless Steel
  • Double Deck
  • All is in crates and secured from weather
  • Open tops for photo purposes only
  • The pasteurizer is complete, however disassembled and ready to load, in approximately 14 separate sections
  • The piping and pumps are included in lot
  • Includes APV Paraflow Heat Exchanger R5-MGS-16
  • Year: 2000
  • Serial number: 2000300300-84 and all control panels (3)
  • One of the mats is due for replacement -- but is included

Shufflo Two Stage Speed-up Belt

Model #: SFF
Item No: 16807-MSC

  • Model: SFF
  • Serial: 4426-4
  • 90" L x 2-1/2" H
  • 1-1/2 HP 230/460V 3 PH Motor - 1740 RPM

Single Stage Speed-up Belt

Item No: 16804-MSC

  • Single Stage Speed-up Belt
  • 84" L x 5" H
  • 1HP 230/460V 3 PH Motor - 1745 RPM

Belt Style Air Cleaner

Item No: 16285-MSC

  • 1 HP Blower
  • 1HP Drive on In-feed Belt
  • Belt Dimensions: 18" W X 30" L
Vertiflo 6" Stainless Steel Hydro Food Pump

Model #: 1326
Item No: 16222-PMP

  • Size: 6" x 6" x 10"
  • Motor: 20 HP 230/460 V
  • Stainless Steel Frame

Cornell 6" Hydro Food Pump

Model #: 6NHT-2R
Item No: 15952-PMP

  • Model: 6NHT-2R

  • 6" Inlet & Outlet

  • Pump Only

Cornell Pump Co. 4" Food Pump 4NMPP-F5K

Model #: 4NMPP-F5K
Item No: 13468-PMP

    • 4" inlet and outlet
    • 24" W x  42" L x 18" deep stainless steel vortex
    • Equipped with 5 HP, 230 V, 60 Hz, 3Ph, 1740 RPM, 13.4/6.7 amp motor


Hollymatic 8/65 Patty Machine

Model #: Hollymatic 8/65
Item No: 13450-PRS

    • Hollymatic 8/65
    • Automatic Feed
    • 22 1/2" Hopper Infeed
    • Equipped with 2HP, 3 PH motor
    • Stainless Steel Construction


Cornell 10" Food Pump

Model #: 10NHPP-F12K PKG
Item No: 13357-PMP

  • Model: 10NHPP-F12K

  • Serial: 143342 21.00

  • Equipped with Baldor 3 Ph, 230/460 V, 96/48 amp, 40 HP, 60 Hz, 1765 RPM motor

Diamond Stainless Steel Pork Depositor D-105-RD

Model #: D-105-RD
Item No: 12544-MSC

    • Set to 603 can diameter
    • Equipped with Eurodrives on cutter and can feed
    • Central lube system


Fairbanks Morse Cornell Type Water Pump

Item No: 12388-PMP

    • 5" Inlet and 4" Outlet
    • 450 GPM capacity
    • Equipped with 230/460 V, 10 HP, 1725 RPM motor
    • Thrush BF-104 Casting


FMC Tomato Chopper

Item No: 10444-MSC

  • FMC Tomato Chopper

  • No Motor or Pump

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