Custom Designed & Manufactured Belt Steam Blancher for Sale

Item: 17329-BL
Category: Blanchers
Manufacturer: Custom Designed & Manufactured
or call 1-234-206-2882
  • 15' L x  30" W belt
  • Continuous steam belt blancher with a 30" wide interlocking plastic chain type belt. (Belt is formulated for high temperatures)
  • 1/16" by 3/4" elongated belt perforations
  • Tunnel --  22" long open in-feed area - feeds into the 15' long enclosed steam tunnel with top and bottom steam injection headers, leading on to a 24" long open discharge section.
  • Complete with water sprays on infeed and discharge
  • 4.5" maximum product clearance under removable top covers.
  • Has a water collection and drain pan on the in-feed end only.
  • All food grade stainless steel product contacts, conveyor and tunnel body, and support frame currently set at a 29" working height.
  • Overall Dimensions: 21' 7" L x 48" W x 43" H
  • 3/4 HP 208 / 230 / 460 volt 3 phase stainless steel motor
  • Fixed speed gear drive set for 45 foot per minute belt speed.
  • No controls or valves
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